Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Koinonia Granola

1/ 4 cup oil
1 stick butter
1 TBSP molasses
1 TBSP vanilla
1/ 2 cup brown sugar
1/ 2 cup honey
1/ 4 tsp salt

8 cups rolled oats (not instant)
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1 cup chopped nuts (I add toasted sliced almonds)
1 cup wheat germ
4 cups coconut (I buy the unsweetened at a health food market)
1 cup sunflower seeds

1. Melt first 7 ingredients in pan.
2. Cool slightly, then pour over remaining ingredients. Stir thoroughly.
3. Bake in an even layer on cookie sheets for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.
4. Stir every 5 minutes to prevent over-browning. Stir a few times as granola cools.
5. When cooled, you may add 1 cup raisins or other dried fruits if desired.

Makes about 5 quarts granola.


Sarah Prendergast said...

I live at Koinonia Farm, and intentional Christian community in Americus, GA. We sell granola, though I don't think it's quite the same recipe. Does this recipe have any links to us? Where did the name come from? Visit our website

Janice said...

I don't think it does. (But one never knows....) I got the recipe from a good friend 24 years ago while living in New York.

Nancy Marshall said...

Dear Sarah and Janice:
This recipe looks like it is from a Mennonite cookbook called More-With-Less. The wet ingredients are exactly the same but halved. The dry ingredients listed here are the same as the recipe in my cookbook. More-With-Less says that the recipe came from Koinonia. The copyright date is ancient: 1976.

I have made the original recipe several times and thought it was too sweet and too wet. Janice, your changes would be an improvement.

By the way, I stumbled on you site looking for an egg kaka (aggkaka) recipe. Thanks.